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GRL MEDIPRO solution is just the remedy for progressive Pharmaceutical companies who believe that the success of any organization's marketing efforts depends on how effectively it manages and empowers its field force and line managers, with timely and effective information based upon market feedback received from them. The solution allows them to:

     • Effectively administer and manage these field personnel
     • Bring in Transparency and instant visibility in the entire sales process
     • Improve Speed of communication of policies, strategies, guidelines and marketing information across the organization
     • Instantaneously access, processing and analyze data
     • Accurately process market intelligence
     • Instantly recall historical data
     • Ensure Longevity of information
     • Remotely review MIS and analysis reports.
     • Provide a platform that enables inputs in a seamless manner to other enterprise wide solutions adopted by the company

Business Advantages from MEDIPRO:
     • Keep ahead of competition by accessing market intelligence instantaneously and being able to respond faster
     • Exercise effective real time control over marketing operations
     • Rationalization of manpower due to elimination of duplication or unproductive work
     • Better utilization of manpower for more productive work
     • Get to know your prospect base
     • The managers can view their overview reports instantaneously anytime from anywhere
     • Better manage your customer interaction, your order booking, stocks in the field and outstanding payment
     • Benefit from tangible savings in terms of courier costs, communication expenses, traveling expenses, rationalization of             manpower, etc.

MEDIPRO a web-based management and reporting tool for the Mobile Field Force of the Pharma industry.

MEDIPRO is a management and reporting solution developed for Pharmaceutical companies to enable them to quickly and effortlessly capture business intelligence and reports through their Medical Representatives, Area Sales Mangers, Regional Sales Managers, etc., who act as the frontline interface to their various customers such as the Manufacturers, Doctors, Stockists, Chemists, Hospitals and even actual users (patients). Pharmaceutical companies need to secure a competitive advantage over their competition by deploying systems that will allow sales and marketing to share important product, market and customer information.

MEDIPRO also acts as the marketing representative’s and their Managers' personal assistant, aiding them in making their tour/visit plans, expense reports, leave reports, sending them critical alerts and reminders, and feeding them with critical information and analysis on their performance. The solution also helps them by providing reports on who their important and core doctors are, the right products to be targeted to them and helps them in identifying inadequacies and excesses in their visits made to the doctors. The solution also enables them to maintain stocks of samples and gifts received for distribution.

This solution can also act as an empowering tool for the Medical Representatives making it possible for them to draw on company resources in terms of Products and Competitor information on the fly. A totally secured transaction interlinks the marketing representative, his Area and Zonal Managers, Sales and Marketing Division, the Accounts as also the Top Management.

Various CRM and Brand Management initiatives can be tracked and deployed using the MEDIPRO solution as the foundation for the same.

The salient features of the MEDIPRO solution are:
     • Customizable web based reporting of field/market and administrative information
     • Multi-level reporting
     • Two-way communication
     • Configurable restriction of access to information for different levels
     • User-friendly admin module for solution on web site. No special technical/software knowledge required for administering or
        using the solution
     • Analysis of field/market Information & MIS
     • Centralized repository of information, reports, policies, guidelines, etc.

The MEDIPRO solution is available in various flavors, to cater to the diverse needs of different Pharmaceutical organizations.

There are numerous features built in which will help the management in quick decision-making. It will allow stakeholders to have instant access to everything that has happened on line. It also allows generation of various MIS reports and makes them available over the Internet. Some of the features are enlisted below-

     • Daily Activity report
     • Stock & Sales statement
     • Master Tour Cycle
     • Tour Program
     • Leave Report
     • Expense Report
     • Multi-Tier Hierarchy
     • More than 100 MIS reports
     • Memo Utility
     • Admin module for updating masters
     • Access restrictions on reports
     • Security features
     • Multi-Lingual capability

Daily Activity Report:
This is a form-based utility that enables the Medical Representative and other Line Mangers to enter details about their daily field visits made to Manufacturers, Doctors, Hospitals, Stockists, and Chemists. They can capture their 'Orders Booked', 'Samples Distributed and 'Gifts' given out. They can also use this to capture their designated doctors professional and personal profile.

Stock & Sales statement

This utility allows the marketing representative to choose a Manufacturers, stockist from his designated dropdown list and allows him to enter their Product wise stock and sales details for a particular month.

Master Tour Cycle:

This utility helps the Line Manager to define a periodic cycle of town-wise visits that his Marketing representatives should make and the number of times within that period the Marketing representative should visit specified doctors. The Marketing representative to prepare his Tour Program uses this input.

Tour Program:
This is a form-based utility provided to enable the Marketing representatives to prepare their daily tour program, enabling him to use dropdown menus for selecting designated towns. He can also enter his Mailing or Contact details during his visit.

Leave Report:

The Marketing representatives can submit their Leave requests using this feature for approval to his line manager/managers.

Expense Report:

The Marketing representative can view his approved expenses based upon the visits he has made during a specific period. The tour expenses get automatically calculated base upon the towns entered in their daily visit report.

Multi-Tier Hierarchym:

A totally secured transaction interlinks the Marketing representative, his Area and Zonal Managers, Sales and Marketing Division, the Accounts and also the Top Management. The solution supports any number of Hierarchies that need to be defined.

MIS reports:
The solutions advanced data mining, analysis and reporting tool churns our various types of Analytical / Exception and Performance reports. Each hierarchy has a variety of reports on view. Access to these reports can be restricted to various levels of hierarchy.

Memo Utility:
For internal office communication, an advanced and user friendly Memo utility has been provided. Top priority memos are immediately highlighted and brought onto the Main Menu page for immediate attention and action.

Admin module for updating masters:

The solution comes with a user-friendly administration module to enable even non-computer savvy personnel to regularly and effortlessly update masters, targets and Master Tour cycles.

Access restrictions on reports:
Access to any utility and report can be restricted at all hierarchies depending on the company's policy.

Security features provided:

     • Timed out logins
     • Improperly closed logins
     • Transmission of data over SSL

Multi-Lingual capability:

For many Marketing representative, who may not be comfortable using the application in the English language, the MEDIPRO solution also incorporates Multi-Lingual capability in terms of viewing forms and reports in Hindi, Marathi &. Gujarati.

NOTE: The above solution is totally customizeable as per the client’s need.

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