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EDPRO helps in organizing various aspects of schooling. Single platform integrity makes it practical and easy to implement. The effective assistance on the solution helps you to utilize the timings for better tasks to be accomplished for day to day functioning of the school. Some of the highlights of the solution are:

• Student admission & Record Management.
• Academic Records Management.
• Attendance management.
• Fees Management.
• Stock Management.
• Payroll Management.
• Health Management. --------Routine checkup & Diet Management--------
• Hostel Management.
• Profile Management.
• Comprehensive Reporting System.
• Library Management.
• Vehicle Management System.
• Student / Teacher Identity Card Management System.
• Integration with Payment Gateway.(optional)
• Assets.
• Labs Management.
• Student KIT.
• House management.
• Trust management.
• Purchase & Vendor Management.
• School Branch Management.
• Preventive & routine maintenance.
• Government electric supply & Generator Management.
• School material / Instruments / other facilities provided to Staff.
• School Security Management.
• All legal / necessary documents management.

EDPRO provides very systematic and effective tools of interaction for the school level. Any communication that can be enhanced at Intranet and Internet level is taken care. The best part is that when all is managed by the students, the features also provide them a great deal of practical exposure to real life experience. Some of the modules which are taking care of the same are:

• News Management System.
• Article Management System.
• Notice Board management System.
• Poll Management System.(optional)
• Discussion Forums / Export Forums.
• Internal Messaging System.
• Online Examination System.(optional)
• SMS Alert System.
• Web-based E-mail System.
• Virtual Mail Server.
• Feedback from Students, teachers & parents.
• Sports & Other Activity Management.
• Student & Staff welfare Management.

Eliminating all the physical boundaries and limitations of time management ‘EDPRO’ makes it possible for the schools materialize the access and connectivity of schools with a dream come true kind experience.

• Dynamic Right Allotment System.
• HTML Enhanced e-letterhead system.
• E-mail Broadcasting.
• Alumni Interaction & Management System.
• Guest Book Management System.
• Comprehensive Reporting System.
• Recruitment Management System.
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